NYSF Member Dan Walker & The Submarine Studio featured in Sonic Scoop

Dan Walker's Submarine Studio at New York Studio Factory

Dan Walker's Submarine Studio at New York Studio Factory

Check out The Submarine Studio at NYSF featured in today!

Dan Walker's background is what gave him the experience needed to open his own studio. From touring regularly with the art punk band The Death Set and putting out club records under various aliases, Dan understands what bands need when recording and tracking a record, and his active roles in US and UK Breakbeat and Electro House scenes keeps his ear in tune for production and mixing.

"Having this network from touring and putting out records, meeting labels and artists consistently for 10+ years prior has set up a trend for the clientele that make their way to this studio," Dan says. "At The Submarine, we cater to the indie rock, garage, punk bands, hip hop, RnB, pop,  singer/songwriter, electronica, techno, and everything else in between. The demographic across the board leans more toward the leftfield and I’ve found myself working with some amazing and unique artists both signed and unsigned over the years."

If you're looking for work space or audio studio space, NY Studio Factory can help you get your Brooklyn studio set up and established. NYSF provides all-inclusive, acoustically treated studio space for audio professionals and more. 

And we support our members! If you're interested in renting an engineering room for the day or have tracks to mix or vocals and live recording to finish, please do reach out to Dan at The Submarine Studio.

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NYSF Member Alex Chowaniec Interviewed in Bushwick Daily

Chowaniec settled in Bushwick with a studio at New York Studio Factory. “You don’t need a studio to make art,” she says. “But to have a ‘room of one’s own’—I heart Virginia Woolf—is critical to me. My studio here is my sanctuary.”

In her studio, Chowaniec creates paintings, drawings, and sculptural projects with new media extensions, including 3D printing and virtual reality. “My art practice starts with collecting objects and memories from my immediate environment, a shared landscape that we connect with daily. I work in hybrid media, traditional and new, with the conscious goal of creative multiple access points for view[er] engagement. The democratization of access to art is critical to my vision.”

And in so many ways, that too is what Chowaniec loves about Bushwick: the opportunities that come with alternative spaces.

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New York Studio Factory featured in Sonic Scoop

"A sweet spot that’s emerged for music creators in search of a stable home catering to their specific needs is NY Studio Factory. As the name suggests, music producers are the front-and-center clientele of this co-working concern, which has grown to encompass five locations across Brooklyn since its start in 2003."

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NYSF Member DJ Sammy Needlz Interviewed in Bushwick Daily

Sammy Needlz is a producer, radio show host, and DJ who is based in Brooklyn while playing clubs all over New York City and beyond, often traveling to Europe and Asia for gigs.

I caught up with him at his studio at NY Studio Factory in Bushwick right after his return from Germany and just a couple days before he was flying to France for another round of gigs.

For someone who spent the last two weeks DJing all-night parties in Berlin, Needlz didn’t seem all that jetlagged when we met.

“I drink a lot of coffee,” he says. “I’m highly caffeinated at all times.”

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