NY Studio Factory is a secure and safe place where I can have peace to work. Over the years, my space has become my own sanctuary for the soul.
— Dan Walker, Owner, Producer & Music Engineer at The Submarine Studio
NY Studio Factory was the catalyst I needed to expand my business, and proved to be a remarkable growth opportunity.
— Dr. Daniel Selling, Owner/Director, Williamsburg Therapy Group
An NYStudioFactory member for over two years now, I’ve grown to love not only my work space but the creative community that surrounds me. With such an eclectic group of talent that resides within these walls, I’ve come to really appreciate the diverse crowd around me on a daily basis. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.
— Michaela Muller, Animator & Fine Artist
As a recent MFA graduate from Pratt Institute, the opportunity to be an artist-in-residence at NYSF was an important stepping-stone for my career. The studio allowed me to have a space to transition post-graduation, and it helped me to re-assess my process and creative goals in a new environment. The studio is also within walking distance of many Bushwick galleries, restaurants, and bars, and it was exciting to be a part of the neighborhood.
— Jessica Adams, NYSF Emerging Artist in Residency
Continuously surrounded by chill, cool, and creative professionals, I feel very lucky to be part of the NYSF community. The cross over of talent that is immersed here has been such a great and positive influence for my business, that even I as a professional I am constantly expanding my own knowledge (and business!) - with the help from those around me. I really couldn’t have asked for more.
— Rose T. Chen Esq., Vice President of ChaGar Music
After two years with New York Studio Factory, I’m still in the same space I originally moved into. Once Joseph showed it to me, I knew it was the spot; the perfect location where I can get everything I need within a three block radius - super convenient! The fact that the building and (shared) spaces are always clean, modest, and simply kept on a daily basis is just an added bonus. Overall, I’m extremely happy with my time here with NYSF and couldn’t ask for more. I’m surrounded by a great community with amazing talent and I really like the fact that there’s variety - and even some cross over! - in the work that we all do individually. The fact that the staff is respective and responsive to their members’ and needs is just another major advantage to me being here.
— Chris Child, Electronic Music Producer & Composer
NYSF provides me with the space to concentrate on CREATING, in a safe and stress free environment.
— Kritikal, Instagram Verified Hip Hop Artist
The NY Studio Factory is a fantastic location for my studio and artists. The facilities are comfortable and professional - a great creative space to make my records.
— Paul "Willie Green" Womack, Producer/Engineer

NYSF hits a hard-to-find balance point between amenity and affordability and does it really well. I bring clients into my space, so I appreciate the fact that the 2 Saint Nicholas building is kept professional and well-maintained. I’ve also found the management and staff to be responsive, helpful, and eager to offer opportunities for networking and professional development. NYSF is an important part of the long-term health of my business. I’m happy to be here!
— John Bender, Music Engineer
“Many buildings that cater to independent musicians or artists are inadequately maintained and poorly managed. Bathrooms, garbage removal, and overall security are just a few areas that are often lackluster in such facilities. In the year and a half since I moved my voice instruction practice to NYSF, I’ve been not only satisfied, but repeatedly impressed with how consistent, responsive, and enthusiastically communicative the management and maintenance staff have been with creating a clean, secure, attractive, and overall professional environment for me and my clients. I’m not a “rave-review” kind of guy, but I highly recommend the New York Studio Factory for any sort of studio or office needs. I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.”
— Dan Parilis, Vocal Brilliance Voice Training
I rent three units for my recording studio business and I appreciate the NYSF’s flat rate structure. It has made budgeting for my business expansion and operations easy. In addition, the contracting and office staff are extremely attentive to the mundane, but vital needs, that keeps my business running smoothly. That allows me to focus on the more creative tasks that my clients hire me for!
— Stephen Kurpis of Vitruvian Sound NYC, Credits Include: Simon & Schuster, Phillip Glass, The New York Times, Spin Media, Audiomack, Nick Jr.