An NYStudioFactory member for over two years now, I've grown to love not only my work space but the creative community that surrounds me.  With such an eclectic group of talent that resides within these walls, I've come to really appreciate the diverse crowd around me on a daily basis. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
Michaela Muller, Animator & Fine Artist
In November 2011 I embarked on opening my private practice in Williamsburg, Brooklyn having been a resident of the community for more than 7 years. While residential leases were plentiful, finding the right commercial lease that would lend itself to a mental health practice was no easy task.
Very quickly the practice grew and I added two psychologists and a psychiatrist to the practice. NYSF was just the catalyst I needed to expand and proved to be a remarkable growth opportunity. If you had not provided the opportunity in renting such wonderful offices, it is hard to say where I'd be today.
Dr. Daniel Selling, Owner/Director, Williamsburg Therapy Group
I've been with New York Studio Factory for six months and love it.  As a full time producer, I'm always immersed in my work and this place has allowed me to completely focus on my music - and an upcoming clothing label.  Working here, alone and with other artists, has allowed my business to grow as I am continuously building my nucleus of clientele. The people that I'm surrounded by (on my floor) are a totally awesome crew and a well curated community by NYSF.  When I came across the listing on CraigsList and met with Davina, I knew it was a godsend.  To be honest, the best I've been at creating has been here, on a daily basis.  Any any given moment, I really feel like I can create.
Johnathan Xavier Paul, CEO & Producer at LisenDeep Productions
I've always loved that indie, independent Brooklyn vibe, so when I found New York Studio Factory it really felt made to be.  I've been here for the past three years and have seen some great improvements (and investment) to the building and facilities, and it just keeps getting better. The building is always kept looking very professional and clean - which I love and greatly appreciate.  The fact that my rehearsal studio is just as I want it is an added bonus; here I feel I'm always able to grow and feel stabilized in my work because my focus is here - in my room and within the space that I need.  The best part about being here and being a part of NYSF is that there's an added value in the creative aspect and working alongside other professional creatives.  In my own space I always feel inventive - even if it's from nothing - all of the time.  

Renato Milone, Owner/Founder at The Boom House

Working mostly on my own and collaborating with other artists, my studio today is a huge step up from the "out of my bedroom" work environment that I originally started from.  As I started to develop and expand my business with my clientel, I realized I need a bigger work space (outside of my house!) and found this place on Craigslist.  Three years later and I'm still here. Being downstairs in the Decimal location of 44 Stewart Avenue, my studio space is the last in the hall, giving it a hidden element - which I greatly love.  The greatest highlight of being here would be the fact that it's both a secure and safe place where I can have peace to work. Over the years, my space has become my own sanctuary for the soul.

Dan Walker, Owner, Producer & Music Engineer at The Submarine Studio

I first found my work space with New York Studio Factory back in May when I was looking for a place to launch my own beauty practice.  Ever since I moved in, I've experienced a great boast in my clientele and business.  Because I am my own boss (and employer), my space is a great place for me to bring my clients - they're always mentioning how much they love the color scheme and notice how clean the environment is.  The restrooms are always tidy and the loft in my unit is a great advantage, giving me an extra place for work and rest. I love the fact that everyone on my floor (and in the building) looks professional and acts the part.  I've been with NYSF since May and have no intentions of moving; becoming a member has made me feel like a true member of the Brooklyn community.

Renee, Owner of Lazy Lash

After two years with New York Studio Factory, I'm still in the same space I originally moved into.  Once Joseph showed it to me, I knew it was the spot; the perfect location where I can get everything I need within a three block radius - super convenient! The fact that the building and (shared) spaces are always clean, modest, and simply kept on a daily basis is just an added bonus. Overall, I'm extremely happy with my time here with NYSF and couldn't ask for more. I'm surrounded by a great community with amazing talent and I really like the fact that there's variety - and even some cross over! - in the work that we all do individually. The fact that the staff is respective and responsive to their members' and needs is just another major advantage to me being here.

Chris Child, Electronic Music Producer & Composer

As a recent MFA graduate from Pratt Institute, the opportunity to be an artist-in-residence at NYSF was an important stepping-stone for my career. The studio allowed me to have a space to transition post-graduation, and it helped me to re-assess my process and creative goals in a new environment. The studio is also within walking distance of many Bushwick galleries, restaurants, and bars, and it was exciting to be a part of the neighborhood.

 Jessica Adams, NYSF Emerging Artist in Residency
Being only with New York Studio Factory for the past six months, I've come to love my very own work space.  The fact that it's bright and airy is huge advantage for my work environment and clients.  With a few fixup's before I moved it, my space today is everything I could have wanted - and asked for! Continuously surrounded by chill, cool, and creative professionals, I feel very lucky to be part of the NYSF community.  The cross over of talent that is immersed here has been such a great and positive influence for my business, that even I as a professional I am constantly expanding my own knowledge (and business!) - with the help from those around me.  I really couldn't have asked for more.

Rose T. Chen Esq., Vice President of ChaGar Music

New York Studio Factory is a wonderful place for artists that have a studio practice. Joseph has created a clean, safe and prolific environment to make work and have studio visits. One of the main reasons why NYSF is so successful in comparison to other studios, is that Joseph understands what artists need- 24 hour access, slop sinks, private spaces and freight elevators- basically an environment to create. An artist without a studio is like a writer without a pen or laptop. Last year during Bushwick Open Studios he allowed artists to rent smaller studios in one of his new buildings at an affordable rate to showcase work for the duration of the event. There aren't many other artist studios in the city that have this type of flexibility and encouragement for artists to expand their reach and get their work out there. We're very happy to be part of the NYSF network.  
James Tribble, Artist