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With two comfortable recording booths, including a range of high-quality microphones and versatile analog equipment, our in-house production team can accommodate recording vocals and amplified instruments for a variety of projects. 

If you're looking for professional studio time to take your project to the next level, NYSF's in-house production and recording services are available for various stages of production.

Our in-house producer/engineer has experience recording voiceover for Nickelodeon, audiobooks for Simon & Schuster, and virtual reality for the NY Times.  As an engineer and assistant he's recorded jazz, classical, folk, hip-hop, rock, and Broadway cast recordings; with Phillip Glass and 'Burlesque to Broadway' being particular highlights. 

Servicing independent films is possible with the design of the studio incorporating the differing needs of sound design, foley, and ADR.  He's taught and serve in studio management prior to building out the space in the NY Studio Factory with a comprehensive service built on his years of diverse experience in the field.




The Hourly rate is $75/hr. The cost of studio rental and engineering labor are contained within this rate. There is a minimum booking in place, that is four (4) hours of scheduled time.

The Day rate is $600. This is defined as a ten (10) hour booking of time. The cost of studio rental and engineering labor are included.

The Week rate is $2,400. This is defined as five (5) sequential day bookings of time and includes studio rental and engineering labor.





Analog Gear

- 1 x Millennia HV-3D 8-channel microphone pre-amplifier

- 2 x Millennia STT-1 Origin channel strip

- 2 x BAE 1028 microphone pre-amplifer/EQ strips

- 2 x Dizengoff 864 Vari-Mu Compressor

- 2 x Hairball Audio 1176 Rev A Compressor


Instrument Amplifiers

- Roland JC-40 Jazz Chorus Amplifier

- Henrikson JazzAmp Head w/ 1x10” cabinet

- MOJO Music Supply Deluxe Reverb (Fender clone)

-  MOJO Music Supply 18watt combo (Marshall clone)

-  Ampeg PF-50T Head w/ PF115HLF 15” cabinet (w/ horn)


- Modded Shure SM57 (Transformerless)

- Flea Microphones C12 Condensor Microphone

- 2 x Peluso P87 Condensor Microphone

- Schoeps CMC6 Condensor Microphone with MkIV capsule

- Royer R121 Ribbon Microphone



-  Avantone Active MixCubes

-  Genelec 1030A Nearfield Monitors

-  Focal Trio 6 Be Nearfield/Midfield Monitors

Digital Audio Software

- ProTools 12.7.1

- Reason 6.0.1

- Third party manufacturers: Waves, Softtube, Soundtoys, iZotope, Re-Lab Development, UAD, Melodyne


Digital Audio Hardware

-  UAD-2 Octo-Core PCIe Host Card

-  Avid Artist Series Control Surface (1 x Artist Control + 2 x Artist Mix)

- 2010 Mac Pro w/ 2.4Ghz Intel Xeon Dual Quad Core CPU (OSX 10.12.4) with 32GB RAM